Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Teacher, Luthier, Friend

The small town of Didsbury, Alberta is home to Jake Peters. As an accomplished, award-winning guitar and banjo-picker, anything with strings is fair game to Jake. His latest additons to his stringed instrument arsenal includes the oud, sas, dombra and barabat – all hailing from the Middle East. He is an amazing teacher, an inspiring mentor, a singer song-writer, an incredible musician and a gifted Luthier. He can make music with almost anything placed in his hands.

Jake’s finesse not only lies with his creative ability – styles include bluegrass, blues, celtic, classical, folk, gospel, and spanish – but also displays his talents as a fine, meticulous Luthier. Although his main focus is on designing and building guitars, banjos and mandolins, his repair work is also well-sought after, with many people bringing their vintage instruments in for the careful attention he gives to restoring each piece to original detail.

His ability as a musician is a delight to watch, hear and feel, especially the spontaneous interaction that evolves when he works with other musicians. Jake is known as a “musician’s musician”. This is due to his extensive knowledge of music theory and history as well as his ability to build the instruments he plays. A well-known name among professional musicians on both sides of the border, he has worked with such artists as Cindy Church, Dick Damron, Eli Barsi, Ben Crane, Pam Tillis, Lisa Brokop, Randy Travis, Randy Bachman and Dennis Agajanian.

A low key meeting with the world-renowned Pavlo at the Bearberry Community Centre has led Jake on the latest leg of his amazing journey. Jake has recently hand-crafted a one-of-a-kind prototype guitar on request for his friend Pavlo “The Pavlo Signature Series”. This uniquely designed guitar is now available in North America. Please see Jake’s Store for more info.

Students flock to Jake for what he can pass down to them. He loves to encourage the growth of young artists, passing on the gift that has been given to him


A true story involving Jake Peters and two old 1880 era banjos.  The story was written by Ken Overcast and published in his book entitled “Sitting’ ‘Round the Stove”.