Luthier ~ “builder of fine stringed instruments”

In his workshop in Didsbury, Jake Peters designs and builds exquisite hand-crafted stringed instruments. These instruments are one of a kind with extreme attention to detail. Dedication to his craft and extensive knowledge are reflected in the artistry of his custom, hand-made instruments. Jake builds on commission only.

His training started early – watching his mom and uncle repair acoustic instruments. In his teen years he began learning the art of inlay. He later worked with Jean Larrivee cutting mother of pearl and abalone. Jake enrolled in the luthier course offered by Dave Freemen of Timeless Instruments in 1985. An intense 7 week course taught by a world-class luthier.

Jake is very well known for his repair and restoration work. His patient dedication always insures a job well done. His creative ability to think outside the box means he is still experimenting with different building techniques.

Jake is a representative for The Music Link so he can order in a wide variety of stringed, percussion and wind instruments.

For more information about hand-crafted instruments or repairs work Jake can be reached at Manley Acoustic Instruments in Didsbury at 403.335.4984 or by emailing Jake.


Made with flawless craftmanship, each Manley ukulele is an expression of artistry. Handcrafted with impeccable detail, the finest wood and designed for excellent playability.

For more information visit Jake’s Manley Ukulele website … coming SOON.


Nylon stringed guitars designed by Jake …

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