A musical performance full of variety

Jake’s performances are built from a talented imagination and executed with expert artistry. He rarely limits a show with the sound of one or two instruments, in fact he has been known to arrive with seven or more instruments. Any instrument Jake picks up is played with passion, inventiveness and talent.

As an accomplished guitarist and banjo-player Jake often features these instruments in his shows. To add variety and an unexpected twist in his show, Jake may also play the bouzouki, sas, oud, hand drums, bamboo flute and ukulele. A talent in any musical genre his show includes multiple styles of music including: gospel, blue grass, blues, country, Spanish, Hawaiian, jazz, classical and world rhythms.

Jake likes surprises. Sometimes he will surprise the audience by bringing a student along to encourage their growth. He has been know to surprise his wife Linda by inviting her up to sing a duet. It is definitely a show that appeals to a wide variety of ages and musical tastes.

Jake plays at many venues including soft seat theatres, churches, corporate events, weddings, festivals, and fundraisers. He works often as a solo but still occasionally performs as a duet or trio. Jake is a well trained and well rounded musician with many years of experience.

For more information about booking Jake Peters for an event or performance, he can be reached at Manley Acoustic Instruments in Didsbury at 403.335.4984 or by emailing Jake.


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