Humble Beginnings …

On August 23, 1879 a British tall ship named the Ravenscrag landed in Honolulu, Hawaii with 423 voyagers aboard from Madeira Island, Portugal.  After a four month journey they were thrilled to reach their destination.  They brought tiny guitar like instruments called braquinha and machete.  Also with them were three talented craftsmen named Augusto Dias, manuel Nunes, and Jose Do Espirito Santos.  All three were cabinet makers.  Dias and Espirito were also accomplished musicians.  Manuel Nunes also built braquinha and machete.  He would later become known as the inventor of the Ukulele.

The originals that jake has composed for this CD are a reflection of his many journeys to Hawaii and his beautiful wife Linda (in Hawaiian – Nani).  Jake quickly fell in love with the Hawaiian culture – all of it – the music, the art, the land and the people.  Soon after the first visit Jake began studying Hawaiian music – mostly instrumental ukulele – and the Hawaiian language so he could sing it.

 A Chant of Gratitude
The makaloa mat has been unfurled
In Love, (food is.was) we shared
The great breath has been exchanged
Honored and adorned is the Lehau
From zenith to horizon
Gratitude and thanks to our Akua
Gratitude and thanks to our beloved ancestors
Gratitude, admiration, thanks and love,
To all who are present, both seen and unseen.