Jake’s Debut CD

“The year-old ginger powder sitting in your cupboard – that’s a good contemporary instrumental CD.   A plump, explosive chunk of crystallized ginger fresh from the spice shop in Tangiers – that’s Jake Peters’ Journey.

Here is the musical equivalent of cyrstallized ginger jam drizzled with honey and served on rose petals.  Sweet.   Spicy.   Lush.   Vibrant.   Fresh. This is the sound of chili peppers jumping in a hot pan.   Of water tumbling over wind-polished rocks.   Of aurora borealis strutting their stuff on a winter canvas.

I first heard this CD on a journey of my own, weary and homeward bound after a music and poetry festival where Jake and I and several others had been performing.   Suddenly I was weary no more, and no longer 30,000 feet somewhere over the Rocky Mountains.   Eyes closed, headset on, I was carried backwards, forwards and sideways in pleasing ways to unexpected places.   Wagon trains rolled across the prairie, thunder ricocheted off canyon walls, sweethearts danced ’til dawn at the old community hall.   By the time the CD was finished I had been transported to gypsy camps, rendezvous celebrations, Celtic dance circles and steamy tropical plantations. Journey is aptly named.” ~ Doris Daley


All songs written by Jake Peters except 2 and 6.

Recorded at:    Heartland Recording Studio, except tracks 4 and 9 which were recorded at Jake’s place.
Produced by:   Bruce Rawlings and Jake Peters.
Engineered by:   Bruce Rawlings
Mastered by:   Richard Harrow