Compact Discs

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Hand Made Picks

  • Bull Horn Flat Picks ~ $15.00 each
  • Brass Finger Picks ~ $50.00 / set
  • Silver Finger Picks ~ $75.00 / set


Pavlo Signature Series Guitars ~ nylon string guitars designed by Jake Peters are now available.   Go to the Pavlo Guitar page for more information.

Manley Ukuleles ~ handcrafted with impeccable detail, the finest wood and designed for excellent playability.   Go to Jake’s Manley Ukulele website (COMING SOON) for more information.

Custom Instruments ~ Jake also builds one of a kind instruments on a commission basis. Each instrument is unique and designed with the owner playing style and requirements in mind. A few of these instruments are shown Jake’s Handcrafted Instrument Gallery.


Jake creates beautiful carvings from animal bone in the time honoured tradition common in Hawaiian and Polynesian cultures. Each carving is hand-made using traditional carving methods.   Click on Jake’s Bonecarving website for more information.

If you are interested in purchasing or obtain more information on any product on this page please contact Jake at Manley Acoustic Instruments in Didsbury at 403.335.4984 or by email.